Contemplating the purchase or sale of a property? Initiate a cost-free, commitment-free discussion with a leading LGBTQ+ real estate agent. Gain instant, complimentary access to the country's most exceptional gay, lesbian, and LGBTQ+-friendly real estate professionals – simply input your city into the search box above.

Planning a move to a different city? Our premier LGBTQ+ real estate agents across the nation, from coast to coast, will equip you with all the essential information about your new destination. Receive a complimentary Relocation Kit for any city in the USA or Canada, exclusively for homebuyers.

Determining your budget? An initial step in the homebuying process is obtaining pre-qualification from a mortgage lender. Connect with a trustworthy LGBTQ+ lender from our database or through a recommendation from the top LGBTQ+ real estate agent you select to collaborate with at

If you're contemplating putting your home on the market, seek out and establish contact with a leading LGBTQ+ real estate agent. They will offer a complimentary seller's market analysis, detailing your property's value, as well as a net sheet that outlines the closing costs and the amount you'll receive at closing.

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From Omaha to Lincoln: LGBTQ+ Cities in Nebraska

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From Kansas City to Wichita: LGBTQ+ Cities in Kansas

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My Realtor was very good at screening out potential properties and showing me only those that fit my criteria. Great service, great realtor, great experience.

Paul - Oakland, California

As first time homebuyers, my partner and I were looking for an agent who would not only show us houses, but educate us about the process of buying a house. Our agent not only met but exceeded our expectations.

Laura - Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Great to have your site!  Our experience working with our gay realtor was everything we expected and then some.  Thanks a bunch - we have told numerous folks about this site.

Richard - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Our Realtor was great. He made reference to, but did not dwell on it or pry. He simply acknowledged it and we moved forward in a very professional way.

Tom - Norfolk, Virginia

When you promised a gay/gay friendly Realtor, you were right! My partner and I felt totally comfortable knowing our best interests were at heart, and for our comfort, it was handled in total confidence. Thank you!

Sharon - Santa Barbara, California

The prospect of purchasing a home across the country is intimidating at best. Our agent and his team made the process not only approachable, but in the end smooth and without complication.

Ed - Nashville, Tennessee

Relocating to a new city is a scary process.  It is in these cases that you want to work with someone who understands your needs and takes the time to listen.  My agent (and his entire office) paid attention and provided the service I needed.  He was the best I have ever dealt with!

James - Denver, Colorado

My agent was a delight to work with.  He was very dedicated and worked night and day to get my closing done in the very short timeline that I had.

Justin - Houston, Texas

Thank you sooo much! We found a house the first day, made an offer, and the sellers accepted. What a great service you provide.

Liz - Alexandria, Virginia

Our agent's follow up from offer to final closing was impeccable. He answered any questions or concerns we had promptly. I can't thank you enough for this amazing service.

Tom - Las Vegas, Nevada

I was looking for a very specific REALTOR and your website was perfect in finding a match that fit our needs.  As we were first time buyers, we wanted someone who was imformative and understanding about our lives.

Jenny - Long Beach, California

My agent was great! I will definitely recommend to my friends. I'm so grateful for the confidentiality of your site and the service you provide to our community.

Jeremy - San Diego, California

My agent's organization and pre-communication to me before my flight out made for a very productive and efficient process. He was able to refer me to a lender, builder, and draftsman.  I have already recommended to my friends!

Michael - Albuquerque, New Mexico

I think your website is a fantastic idea. My partner and I have received outstanding and honest service throughout this entire process. I'm very impressed.

Jeremy - Casa Grande, Arizona

We highly recommend - especially when relocating!

Patricia - Phoenix, Arizona

I am so happy I worked through this website! My agent was definitely a joy to work with, was super helpful, supportive and patient! I have already recommended this website to several friends.

Georgia - Portland, Oregon

We tried another site and never heard back from the agent... Our agent contacted us within 20 minutes! Amazing service and amazing results ~ Thank you.

Jerry - Denver, Colorado

When asked recently whether I would recommend Gay Real Estate I responded "Yes I would" Furthermore my agent was "...professional, caring, and patient. He knows his stuff! I appreciate all he did helping me find my new home."

Bernie - Vancouver, Washington

We would highly recommend your site. It was easy to find. We had a very short time to find the perfect house for us. Our agent got right on it and in a week had found our house. We want to thank you very much.

James and Randall - New Port Richey, Florida

I definitely would recommend Finding a gay real estate agent to work with was such a relief for us, we not only found the perfect home but have gained a friend in the process.

Rachel - Saint Louis, Missouri

We had a wonderful experience using this site, it is how we found our prefect agent. We will recommend our friends use this site. We would use the site again in the future when buying or selling property.

Kim - Las Vegas, Nevada

My agent, Tim, was always responsive when I had any questions or concerns and would reach out to the required parties on my behalf to light a fire or throw some gas on it! Everything went great. I would and have already recommended Gay Real Estate and my agent Tim to my friends.

Shane - Denver, Colorado

I could not have been more pleased with I recommend them highly and have already mentioned them to several friends when speaking of finding such a great realtor through the site. I would certainly recommend without hesitation.

Robin - Winchester, Virginia

I want to thank GayRealEstate for connecting us with such a wonderful broker who my partner and I felt comfortable with... I would recommend to my friends who are considering buying or selling a home.

Erin - New York, New York

I would absolutely recommend I've already mentioned it to several of my friends while discussing how I found such a great realtor.

Robin - Winchester, Virginia

I'm extremely satisfied with, I had a great experience and have given your company the highest rating and recommendation.

Scott - Ellijay, Georgia provided us with a wonderful experience. We found our agent, Bill, through this site and would recommend him. For our friends who live outside Las Vegas we would recommend using this site for their search and we would use this site if buying or selling outside this area in the future.

Kim - Las Vegas, Nevada

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend

Joseph - Jacksonville, Florida

I was extremely pleased with my experience. I would highly recommend your services again :)

Mark - Denver, Colorado

Finding a realtor to buy a home in a fairly small conservative town was an issue for me, until I discovered I was thrilled to find the website and choose my (perfect) realtor. I would recommend their services.

Matt - Traverse City, Michigan

We have already recommended GayRealEstate to others! Finding a realtor gay realtor in Texas was a breeze with your site, and made our house hunting and purchase so much more enjoyable, knowing our best interests were being properly represented.

Ron - San Antonio, Texas

My agent was excellent. I'm grateful for your service, it provided me a level of comfort and representation I didn't believe was possible. Thank you.

John - Minneapolis, Minnesota

My agent was excellent! Experienced, available and an expert with marketing and communication. Thanks for this amazing service.

Don - Sarasota, Florida was a great resource, allowing us to choose the perfect realtor and we would highly recommend it to our friends.

Greg & John - Los Angeles, California

Everyone knows a realtor, but with your site I was able to KNOW the realtor I chose to work with... the experience was top notch.

James - Mission, Kansas

What an awesome website and experience! I definitely will recommend to my friends that are buying, selling or relocating.

Mark - Palm Springs, California

We would absolutely recommend without any reservations.

Ron - Sarasota, Florida

I would surely recommend to my friends who are considering buying or selling a home.

Dianne - Fayetteville, Arkansas

I would absolutely recommend to my friends who are considering buying or selling a home.

Maurice - West Hollywood, California

We would definitely recommend to our friends that are considering buying or selling a home.

Alisa - Asheville, North Carolina

I had an excellent experience with my realtor and would recommend GayRealEstate to my friends, and encourage you to support our community by using a gay or lesbian realtor. Thank you.

Paul - Tucson, Arizona

I would recommend to people I know who do not live in the Pittsburgh area but who are looking for a real estate agent. Thanks so much!

Justin - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

So glad I searched your website first, before looking elsewhere. I am you and your agent to all of my friends who are showing an interest in moving here.

Roberta - Sun City Center, Florida

We would recommend to our friends that are considering buying or selling a home and already have, to a few people at work. Thank you so much for this service.

Terery - Bonita Springs, Florida

Melissa contacted us immediately and so far she has been great to work with! I am so happy I took a shot and googled gay and gay friendly realtors as the first realtor we were given was NOT about anything gay in fact she was a bit anti gay. So thank you for offering this service!

Jayme and Tammy - Jacksonville, Florida

This is the second time I have used in two different states (NC and FL) and have had great experiences both times.

Cherie - Saint Petersburg, Florida

I would definitely recommend to fellow members of the LGBT community. For my partner and I, it was important to feel comfortable during the home buying process. Buying our first home was a big deal and we were so grateful to find a site that could provide someone who was accepting and would be just as excited as we were!

Melissa - Dallas, Texas

Thanks ever so much for this service! It was a relief to work with someone who valued me and with whom I could be myself.

Katy - Fort Collins, Colorado

I would definitely recommend to folks. I was moving from Washington to Arizona, I was cautious about moving. Jeff (our Tucson agent) reassured me and my husband that we were in an affirming community and we had nothing to worry about.

Jeremy - Tucson, Arizona is a wonderful service that removed so much of the stress and anxiety my partner and I felt as we began the home-buying process. Knowing we could connect with a real estate agent who "understood" some of our concerns without needing to explicitly explain them was so helpful. Thank you!!

Alison - Brunswick, Maryland

I would definitely recommend GayRealEstate. It's a good place for same sex couples to start their agent search.

Jay - Saint Paul, Minnesota

I found using GayRealEstate to be easy and while the housing-market is crazy right now, I really needed to work with someone I could trust. I found that in Catie. Having GayRealEstate as a resource helped me connect with the right agent.

Natalie - Saint Louis, Missouri

Jeremy responded instantly and has already proven to be the best Realtor I have ever worked with. Thank you so very much for making the connection.

Burton - Louisville, Kentucky

We googled "Gay Realtor's in Tampa, FL" and your website came up. Finding a LGBT friendly realtor was important to us as we didn't know many people in the Tampa area and we wanted a realtor that could relate with us and see our vision out. Sometimes when you work with somebody that isn't close to, or used to LGBT community, you can feel judged. With this sale, we didn't want to feel that way and we never did. Rob was very on top of the market and we were very lucky to find him on! Thank you for the service!

Mathew - Saint Petersburg, Florida

It was wonderful having an LGBTQ+ realtor help us, especially a lesbian, because they understand the importance of neighborhood and know more about the implications of being openly gay in a place or neighborhood. Thank you, we will refer you our friends and family! And thank you Mary Ann!

Juniper - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Honestly, I feel lucky to have found your web-site! We knew that we needed a Gay Real Estate Agent and your service was timely and efficient.

Shawn - East Longmeadow, Massachusetts

Please support all staff, customers, and Realtors as best as you can!'s agents are knowledgeable and are great resources because we are in a massive crisis right now. For my part, I was looking for help that was going to understand or be better inclined to understand the nature of Minority Stress and the risks of trying to relocate to another state where the environment may be different or highly variable for dangers like organized hate groups, individual level violence, or discrimination in society. Thank you for support to our community!

Shellie - Buchanan, Michigan really stood out for me because I was immediately notified that my request was received and that my agent would contact me. This made a good first impression that I was in good hands. Keep up the good work! Your website was easy to follow. I also liked reading the bios of the agents before making my selection.

Scott - Chicago, Illinois

I loved every interaction I had with your company!

Jill - Denver, Colorado

Living in Florida creates an environment where you don't know who you can trust with certain life milestones and projects. This website - - made it easy to find a good, trusted Realtor. I am so glad we found this site.

Chris - Clermont, Florida

I would absolutely recommend this site!! I have happily and successfully used the site twice over the years and have connected with amazing agent. I have and always will recommend this service.

Andrew - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

GayRealEstate gave my partner and me the trust and confidence we needed in an agent to begin looking for a home. I felt the process was overall very smooth with our agent and finding her through GayRealEstate We are very thankful for this web site!

Kodiak - Eugene, Oregon made it easy for us to find LGBTQIA+ friendly realtors in various areas, ensuring we felt understood and our unique needs were catered to. Our initial conversation with Heidi, which my spouse and I both participated in, set the tone for a smooth home purchasing journey.The specialized understanding and knowledge provided by agents like Heidi is invaluable, especially for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. We felt seen, understood, and prioritized throughout our journey. We would wholeheartedly recommend to our friends and anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community who is considering buying or selling a home.

Hiroaki - Fair Oaks, California

Our agent was great! She helped us as our needs changed, provided a referral to an attorney, helped us 'see' the home via video chat, and advocated for us. We will absolutely recommend and LOVE supporting "family"!

Susan - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Thanks for providing this service. We will, 100% without hesitation, recommend this resource for any real estate needs!

Walter - Rochester, Minnesota

I am beyond grateful for Thank you, thank you, thank you for existing. Being gay, it was very comforting to know that we were represented by someone that shared a quality that can stir bigotry and bias in some. Not only was our agent, Arcadio able to establish a strong business relationship, his down-to-Earth sensibility and charisma formed a kinship that I cherish very dearly. Plus, it is nice to know that my ‘gay dollars’ are reinvested in the gay community.

Christopher - Raleigh, North Carolina

I'm glad to know your website exists - it's a big relief! I will be in touch when I have all my ducks in a row and will be happy to use your services. I am retiring from active duty service and don't have my final separation orders yet so we didn't want to buy a house from our current location without being able to see it in person. However when we do get settled in the new location I will have my VA loan process ready to go and will find a realtor with your website for a home!

Jessie - San Diego, California
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